What We Provide

We provide you with the means to grow in confidence and skill for those times when you’re in professional contact with people who have lost someone close. We do this through practical training, designed to meet your own needs.

Grief training

Do you need training?

It’s not a good time to brush up on condolence skills when you’re working with a person who has lost someone close. And, if you’re like most people, you haven’t given much thought to the lingering effects of grief or loss—it’s a topic that’s easy to avoid. But it’s important to know about it, because grief can jeopardize the work you do in several ways. In the person you’re working with, grief may:

  • Compromise his or her ability to understand you
  • Handicap decision making
  • Impede necessary follow-ups on actions and deadlines

Traumatic grief

Training benefits

There are many good reasons to prepare in advance in this sensitive area. But at the end of a stressful day, these are the only two reasons that matter the most—you and those you assist. With the right knowledge and skills:

  • You’ll be more confident and self-assured for the times when there’s little room for error
  • Those you assist will receive the right support when they need it the most


New training curriculum is in the works. Check back soon to see the most requested—and newest–training topics. Need  help now?  Please drop us a message and we’ll talk!