Gold Star Families

You are a Gold Star family member. It was not an identity you wanted or a fate you chose.

You know from experience that military grief can be complex, complicated and just plain messy. You’re looking to make sense of it all and find a roadmap to help work through your grief and build personal resilience.

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Gold Star Families: How to Survive, Cope and Move Forward

Benefit from the collective wisdom of survivors who have walked in your shoes. Learn how to survive your devastating loss, cope with its grief, and develop the resilience to move forward.

Spot on! Besides losing my son, I lost a brother in Vietnam when I was 21. This was so helpful.

Gold Star Mother


Men, Grief and a Checklist

Examine the intuitive and instrumental grieving styles and how they influence the grief of men and women.Revisit how societal misconceptions have evolved into “right” and “wrong” ways to grieve. Review the factors that impact a personal grief response.

Hit on points that I have felt for the last 11.5 years! Job well done.”

Families of the Fallen Conference

Military Family Resource Centre, Edmonton, AB

8.5 Tips To Remain Healthy And Resilient

Grief is a package deal of emotions, thoughts and behaviors. It can affect physical and emotional health, behaviors and reactions to others, and memory and decision making, to name a few ways. It may also have a spiritual side. Learn 8 1/2 proven tips to take care of one’s self, reduce stress, and build and maintain resilience.

You inspired us with your poignant wisdom, hard-earned insights and very practical guidance.”

Gold Star Family Retreat


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Books by Joanne Steen

We Regret To Inform You

A trustworthy guide for Gold Star parents on how to survive their life-changing loss, cope with its profound grief, and develop the resilience to move forward. Learn more

By Joanne Steen
Central Recovery Press: Las Vegas
ISBN: 9781942094968
Release Date: Memorial Day 2019
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Military Widow: A Survival Guide

A survival guide for the military wife’s journey from wife to widow to woman of her own right. Learn more

By Joanne M. Steen and M. Regina Asaro
Naval Institute Press: Annapolis
Published: June 2006
ISBN: 9781591148340
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