Support Providers

You are a service-connected outreach provider, volunteer, relative, or close friend.  You may have a strong connection to the service member or his or her family. You try to set aside your personal feelings about the loss and focus on the family.

You want to say and do all the right things, but you don’t know how to help. You sometimes feel unsure about your actions.

Popular Topics with Support Providers

Military Grief has a Long Shelf Life

Explore factors that impact forward movement in the grief process, such as unknown and unknowable details of the death, release of new information months or years afterward, memorial overload, other military losses, post-death dependent status, annual national triggers, publicity, and identity as a Gold Star family. Identify signs of becoming stuck in grief. Examine ways for families to move forward, not move on.


Excellent presentation. Very competent, qualified and effective presenter”

Military Family Resource Centre

Calgary, AB

Ten Tips for Working with Gold Star Families

Explore ten practical tips for supporting families of the fallen at the time of their loss and down the road.  Learn helpful condolence language, ways to help that fits your comfort level, and what you need to know to support both men and women in the weeks and months afterward.

Joanne could’ve talked for 3 more sessions–successfully answered all questions and concerns”

Family Readiness Conference

Iowa National Guard

Men, Grief and a Checklist

Examine how grief in men and women is influenced by intuitive and instrumental grieving styles. Learn how societal misconceptions have evolved into “right” and “wrong” ways to grieve. Discuss the 10 item “checklist” for men.

Hit on points that I have felt for the last 11.5 years! Job well done.”

Families of the Fallen Conference

Military Family Resource Centre, Edmonton, AB

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Books by Joanne Steen


A Survival Guide for Gold Star Parents and Those Who Support Them

A survival guide for parents on how to survive, cope, and develop resilience for the long haul. Learn more

By Joanne Steen
Central Recovery Press: Las Vegas Published: May 2019 ISBN: 9781942094968
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A Survival Guide


A survival guide for the military wife’s journey from wife to Gold Star widow to woman of her own right. Learn more

By Joanne M. Steen and M. Regina Asaro
Naval Institute Press: Annapolis
Published: June 2006
ISBN: 9781591148340
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