Military Personnel

As a military member in post 9/11 America, you understand all too well that military service is a dangerous profession—in wartime and times of peace. When a line-of-duty death occurs, your duties may place you in contact with the family of a newly deceased service member.

From the seasoned leader to the newly trained casualty assistance officer, casualty response is one of the most honorable, but toughest duties in your career. This may be new territory or you want to supplement prior casualty assistance training.

Popular Topics with Military Organizations

Informed Leaders: Casualty Assistance, Stress and Burnout

No-nonsense briefing on the powerful and lasting impact of military loss on the unit and families. Covers combat and non-combat deaths plus survival guilt in  those who remain. Identifies indicators of organizational stress. Provides proven tips to manage stress and burnout in high op-tempo, stress environments.

“Outstanding! One of the finest presentations I’ve seen in 25+ years.”

Senior Army Reserve Commanders Conference

Washington, DC

Lessons Learned for Leading the Casualty Process

Benefit from the collective experiences and wise advice of leaders who have taken casualties on their watch.

“Excellent presentation, relevant and well presented.  One of the finest presentations that pertains to our real-world issues.”

Fort Carson, CO

Non-Combat Deaths: Short- and Long-Term Impact

Straightforward briefing on non-combat deaths: mishaps, accidents, mass casualty events, suicides and more. Focuses on post-Memorial time frame.  Discusses expected reactions of survival guilt and anger, initially and down the road. Reviews potential behaviors to be on guard for. Identifies commonly-made mistakes with families and the unit.  Provides lessons learned from other leaders.

“Your message resonated with our team here on the base.”

Canadian Armed Forces

Canadian Forces Base Esquilmalt, Vancouver, BC

Condolences: What You Need to Know

Practical guidance on offering condolences to surviving family members after a military death.

“Well planned with an appropriate pace, illustrations, and audience interaction and participation.”

Tripler Army Medical Center

Honolulu, HI

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By Joanne M. Steen and M. Regina Asaro
Naval Institute Press: Annapolis
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