Mental Health Professionals

You provide care and assistance to people in need. You come across losses of all kinds in the young and old alike, and you know firsthand that losses differ in predictability and impact. Each burdens its survivors with challenges.

Your work in this area can be an emotionally charged experience for the grieving men and women you assist, as well as for yourself.

Popular Topics with Mental Health Professionals

Working with Complex Military Loss in a Post 9/11 America

Explore the multifaceted factors common to a military death: a sudden, potentially violent death far from home, limited details, an unnerving casualty assistance process, separation of family by distance/time, secondary losses and more. Examine its impact on fellow service members, casualty team and surviving families. Revisit the conditions for stress, burnout and compassion fatigue and learn practical tips for building personal resilience.

Superb Presentation!

Atlantic Fleet Forces Chaplain Training

Norfolk, VA

Men, Grief and a Checklist

Examine the intuitive and instrumental grieving styles and how they influence the grief of men and women. Revisit how societal misconceptions have evolved into “right” and “wrong” ways to grieve. Review the factors that impact a personal grief response.

This was the best session–excellent brief that everyone needs!

US Army Survivor Outreach Services

SOS National Training Conference

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