About Grief Solutions

Founded in 2006 by Joanne Steen, Grief Solutions initially provided customized  training to supplement the training curriculum of military casualty assistance. Since that time, it has worked with more than forty diverse organizations in the military, government and corporate sectors. Based on interest and demand, Grief Solutions has expanded its focus into the civilian workforce, as the same needs exist in civilian professions and occupations.

Grief Solutions is not a grief counseling organization. It’s a unique training and education company that teaches you the best ways to work with people who are caught up in grief. If you’re like most people, you haven’t given much thought to the lingering effects of grief—it’s a subject that doesn’t come up too often. But it’s important to know, because the impact of grief in the people you work with can interfere with the services you provide them, as well as your overall effectiveness in meeting their needs.

Grief may:

  • Compromise their ability to understand you
  • Handicap decision making
  • Impede necessary follow-ups on actions and deadlines on their part

Grief Solutions can help you grow in confidence and skill in this sensitive area of working with surviving family members—an area where there’s little room for error.

“Joanne could have talked for 3 more sessions—she successfully answered all questions and concerns.” Family Readiness Conference, Iowa National Guard