Grief Solutions is a training company for organizations and individuals in all walks of life who sometimes work with people who have lost someone close.

corporate training on dealing with death

“Excellent tips to serve my grieving clients better”

line of duty death coping

“An informative refresher on loss and grief in our patients”

grief training in the workplace

“A common-sense approach to reducing stress and building resilience”

What is Grief Solutions?

Grief training

A unique training company that helps professionals increase their confidence and skills for the times when they assist grieving individuals in business, public service or military environments.

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Who has Benefited?

Grief in the workplace

More than 10,000 professionals in civilian or military organizations who provide an important service and on occasion may work with people who are caught up in grief.

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What does Grief Solutions Provide?

Sudden death, sudden, traumatic death

Practical tips, advice and lessons learned on working with men and women who have recently experienced a loss.

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Ms. Steen presents this subject with experience and class—not with excessive “sappiness.”
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